Jorge S. Reis-Filho: Featured News

Nadeem Riaz (left) and Jorge Reis-Filho (right)
For People with Certain BRCA Mutations, Activating the Immune System Could Be Promising Treatment
Human data and results from mouse experiments suggest that people with BRCA2 mutations may respond well to immunotherapy drugs.
In the Lab
Black-and-white microscopic image of cell from human granular cell tumor
A Study of Rare Tumors Uncovers the Presence of Tumor-Suppressing Genes
Studying the genes of granular cell tumors has revealed a previously unknown process through which cells can turn cancerous.
In the News
Welcome sign at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium
Breast Cancer Updates: Evaluating Prostate Cancer Drugs, Developing Better Predictive Tools, and Calculating Recurrence
Summary More than 20 MSK physicians and researchers presented work at an annual breast cancer conference in San Antonio. The San Antonio Brea...
In the Lab
Pathology slide showing DCIS and invasive cancer
Forensic Techniques Enable Study of Individual Breast Cancer Cells from MSK’s Archives
Analysis of long-preserved single cells on pathology slides aims to provide new clues about the genes that make breast cancer more aggressive.
DNA Test Shows Promise in Guiding Advanced Breast Cancer Care
Surgical pathologist Jorge Reis-Filho commented on a study that found that an experimental blood test could help identify whether women with advanced b...