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The Maria Jasin Lab: Publications

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Select Research Articles Since 2012

Feng, W., Jasin, M., (2017) BRCA2 suppresses replication stress induced mitotic and G1 abnormalities through homologous recombination. Nat Commun 8:525. doi: 10.1038/s41467-017-00634-0.

Chen, C.C., Kass, E.M., Yen, W.F., Ludwig, T., Moynahan, M.E., Chaudhuri, J., and Jasin, M. (2017) ATM loss leads to synthetic lethality in BRCA1 BRCT mutant mice associated with exacerbated defects in homology-directed repair Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 14:7665-7670.

Vanoli, F., Tomishima, M., Feng, W., Lamribet, K., Babin, L., Brunet, E., and Jasin, M. (2017). CRISPR-Cas9-guided oncogenic chromosomal translocations with conditional fusion protein expression in human mesenchymal cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 114, 3696-3701.

Lange, J., Yamada, S., Tischfield, S.E., Pan, J., Kim, S., Zhu, X., Socci, N.D., Jasin, M., and Keeney, S. (2016). The Landscape of Mouse Meiotic Double-Strand Break Formation, Processing, and Repair. Cell 167, 695-708 e616.

Kass, E.M., Lim, P.X., Helgadottir, H.R., Moynahan, M.E., and Jasin, M. (2016a). Robust homology-directed repair within mouse mammary tissue is not specifically affected by Brca2 mutation. Nat Commun 7, 13241.

Cole, F., Baudat, F., Grey, C., Keeney, S., de Massy, B., and Jasin, M. (2014). Mouse tetrad analysis provides insights into recombination mechanisms and hotspot evolutionary dynamics. Nature Genet 46, 1072-1080.

Schlacher, K., Wu, H., and Jasin, M. (2012). A distinct replication fork protection pathway connects Fanconi anemia tumor suppressors to RAD51-BRCA1/2. Cancer Cell 22, 106-116.

Cole, F., Kauppi, L., Lange, J., Roig, I., Wang, R., Keeney, S., and Jasin, M. (2012). Homeostatic control of recombination is implemented progressively in mouse meiosis. Nat Cell Biol 14, 424-430.

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