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Amanda Holland, PhD

Research Fellow

Lab Phone



Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

Currently: Scientific Officer at University of Birmingham

Poor T cell reconstitution following hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) leads to susceptibility to tumor relapse and opportunistic infections. We are studying mechanisms contributing to T cell reconstitution following transplant, as well as methods to improve immune function in this setting.

We have previously demonstrated that adoptive transfer of in vitro-generated T cell precursors at the time of transplant leads to enhanced thymocyte and peripheral T cell numbers, resulting in significant anti-tumor and antimicrobial immunity post-HSCT. Our current work focuses on identifying extrathymic sites of T cell development following HSCT, as well as mechanisms of T cell precursor trafficking to the thymus and extrathymic sites. We are also investigating the role of KGF in post-transplant T cell development and reconstitution with T cell precursors.

Finally, we are utilizing lentiviral vectors to confer superior immune reconstitution capability on in vitro-generated T cell precursors.