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Athea Vichas

Graduate Student

Office Phone


Athea Vichas is currently a Post-doctoral fellow in Dr. Cecilia Moens Lab at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Research Interests

The goal of my thesis research is to identify new genes required for polarized cell behavior during axis elongation. Currently, I am characterizing a candidate mutant from a large-scale genetic screen and using an expression-based approach to identify targets of the Eve and Runt transcription factors that are essential for elongation. The identification and characterization of new genes required for cell intercalation will provide information about how local interactions between cells produce structural changes at the tissue level.

Education and Training

2005 - Present
PhD Program, Weill-Cornell Medical College. PhD research in lab of Dr. Jennifer Zallen.

University of Oregon, B.S. in Biochemistry


Vichas A, Zallen JA., (2009) Deciphering the genetic code of morphogenesis using functional genomics. J Biol, (8)76: Review.

Schmitz-Linneweber C, Williams-Carrier RE, Williams-Voelker PM, Kroeger TS, Vichas A, Barkan A., (2006) A pentatricopeptide repeat protein facilitates the trans-splicing of the maize chloroplast rps12 pre-mRNA. Plant Cell. 18(10):2650-63.