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Daniel Ciznadija, PhD

Research Fellow

Lab Phone



Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (University of Melbourne), Australia

I am a Research Fellow working with the Koff group in the Rockefeller Research Labs here at Memorial. My research examines the mechanisms governing the formation of oligodendroglioma, a type of brain tumor. Data indicates that subsets of oligodendroglioma exist, each with distinct clinical responses that may be dictated by the underlying biochemical and molecular profile of the tumor. The molecular networks underpinning gliomagenesis therefore need to be understood in order to formulate directed and appropriate therapies that will help ameliorate this disease. Our focus is on the key cell-cycle regulator p21 and the way it impacts glioma development following insult with PDGF, a molecule that actively promotes formation of these brain tumors.

Postdoctoral Studies

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Sienna Cancer Diagnostics, Melbourne, Australia


Brain Tumor Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center