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Kathrin J. Laue, PhD

Research Associate

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Mera P, Laue K, Wei J, Berger J, Karsenty G. Osteocalcin is necessary and sufficient to maintain muscle mass in older mice. Molecular Metabolism. 1-6, 18 July 2016.

Mera P, Laue K, Ferron M, Confavreux C, Wei J, Galán-Díez M, Lacampagne A, Mitchell SJ, Mattison JA, Chen Y, Bacchetta J, Szulc P, Kitsis RN, deCabo R, Friedman RA, Torsitano C, McGraw TE, Puchowicz M, Kurland I, Karsenty G. Osteocalcin signaling in myofibers is necessary and sufficient for optimum adaptation to exercise. Cell Metabolism. 2016 Jun 14;23(6):1078-92.

Mera P, Laue K, Karsenty G. 2014. Osteocalcin regulates muscle function and mass. J Bone Miner Res 29:S50.

Laue K, Daniel PB, Van Haeringen A, Alanay Y,Von Ameln S, Rachwalski M, Pogoda HM, Morgan T, Gray MJ, Breuning MH, Sawyer GH, Sutherland-Smith AJ, Nikkels PG, Kubisch C, Bloch W, Wollnik B, Hammerschmidt M, Robertson SP. (2011) Impaired degradation of retinoic acid disrupts human skeletogenesis at multiple levels. Am J Hum Genet. Nov;89(5):595-606.

Li Y*, Laue K*, Temtamy S, Aglan M, Kotan LD, Yigit G, Canan H, Pawlik B, Nürnberg G, Wakeling EL, Quarrell OW, Baessmann I, Lanktree MB, Yilmaz M, Hegele RA, Amr K, May KW, Nürnberg P, Topaloglu AK, Hammerschmidt M, Wollnik B. (2010). Temtamy preaxial brachydactyly syndrome is caused by loss-of-function mutations in chondroitin synthase 1, a potential target of BMP signaling. Am J Hum Genet. Dec;87(6):757-67.

* equal contribution


Laue K, Jänicke M, Plaster N, Sonntag C, Hammerschmidt M. (2008). Restriction of retinoic acid activity by Cyp26b1 is required for proper timing and patterning of osteogenesis during zebrafish development. Development. Nov;135, 3775-3787.

Laue K*, Daujat S*, Crump JG, Plaster N, Roehl HH, Tübingen 2000 Screen consortium,Kimmel CB, Schneider R, Hammerschmidt M. (2008). The multidomain protein Brpf1 binds histones and is required for Hox gene expression and segmental identity. Development. Jun;135 1935-1946.

* equal contribution