Konrad H. Stopsack, MD, MPH

Research Associate

Konrad H. Stopsack


MD, University of Freiburg; MPH, Harvard School of Public Health; Internal Medicine Residency, Mayo Clinic Rochester

Konrad Stopsack is a board-certified internist and a masters-level epidemiologist who focuses on prognostically relevant and targetable metabolic and genetic aberrations in prostate cancer. As a research associate with Dr. Phil Kantoff’s group, he builds on both his clinical experience in internal medicine and his training in epidemiology and biostatistics while closely collaborating with in-vitro researchers. Supported by a 2017 Prostate Cancer Foundation Young Investigator Award, his research spans beyond molecular epidemiology and employs methods across genetics, pathology, bioinformatics, and clinical medicine. Dr. Stopsack’s overall aim is to improve our understanding of the molecular and clinical heterogeneity in prostate cancer that makes it a lethal disease for many patients. He hopes to identify those patients who are most likely to respond to novel as well as approved, repurposable medications, such as cholesterol-lowering statins.

In his recent studies, he demonstrated that patients with prostate cancers that are very active in synthesizing cholesterol are much more likely to develop metastases and die from their prostate cancer. These results strongly support that statins, which have been suggested to be beneficial for prostate cancer patients, could indeed improve patients’ prognosis and should be tested in clinical trials for prostate cancer patients.


Stopsack KH, Gerke TA, Sinnott JA, Penney KL, Tyekucheva S, Sesso HD, Andersson SO, Andrén O, Cerhan JR, Giovannucci EL, Mucci LA, Rider JR. Cholesterol metabolism and prostate cancer lethality. Cancer Res. 2016;76(16):4785-90.

Stopsack KH, Gerke TA, Andrén O, Andersson SO, Giovannucci EL, Mucci LA, Rider JR. Cholesterol uptake and regulation in high-grade and lethal prostate cancers. Carcinogenesis. 2017;38(8):806-11.

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