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Mazo G, Soplop N, Uryu K, and Tsou MF. (2016). Spatial control of primary ciliogenesis by subdistal appendages alters sensation-associated properties of cilia. Dev Cell. pii: S1534-5807(16)30719-5.

Kim M, O’Rourke BP, Soni RK, Jallepalli PV, Hendrickson RC, Tsou MF. (2016). Promotion and Suppression of Centriole Duplication Are Catalytically Coupled through PLK4 to Ensure Centriole Homeostasis. Cell Rep. pii: S2211-1247(16)30838-5.

Fong CS, Mazo G, Das T, Goodman J, Kim M, O’Rourke BP, Izquierdo D, Tsou MF. (2016). 53BP1 and USP28 mediate p53-dependent cell cycle arrest in response to centrosome loss and prolonged mitosis. Elife. 5. pii: e16270.

Soni RK, Tsou MF. (2016). A Cell-Free System for Real-Time Analyses of Centriole Disengagement and Centriole-to-Centrosome Conversion. Methods Mol Biol. 1413:197-206.

Wang WJ, Acehan D, Kao CH, Jane WN, Uryu K, Tsou MF. (2015). De novo centriole formation in human cells is error-prone and does not require SAS-6 self-assembly. Elife. 4. pii: e10586. [Epub ahead of print]

Yang TT, Su J, Wang WJ, Craige B, Witman GB, Tsou MF, Liao JC. (2015). Superresolution Pattern Recognition Reveals the Architectural Map of the Ciliary Transition Zone. Sci Rep. 5:14096.

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Izquierdo D, Wang WJ, Uryu K, Tsou MF. (2014). Stabilization of Cartwheel-less Centrioles for Duplication Requires CEP295-Mediated Centriole-to-Centrosome Conversion. Cell Rep. 8(4):957-65.

Fong CS, Kim M, Yang TT, Liao JC, Tsou MF. (2014). SAS-6 Assembly Templated by the Lumen of Cartwheel-less Centrioles Precedes Centriole Duplication. Dev Cell. 30(2):238-45.*

*See the preview/highlight by Dev cell.

Mahjoub MR, Tsou MF. (2013). The AmAZI1ng roles of centriolar satellites during development. PLoS Genet. 9(12):e1004070.

Wang WJ, Tay HG, Soni R, Perumal GS, Goll MG, Macaluso FP, Asara JM, Amack JD, and Tsou MF.(2013). CEP162 is an axoneme-recognition protein promoting ciliary transition zone assembly. Nat Cell Biol. 2013 Jun;15(6):591-601. doi: 10.1038/ncb2739. Epub 2013 May 5.

Tanos BE, Yang HJ, Soni R, Wang WJ, Macaluso FP, Asara JM, and Tsou MF.(2013). Centriole distal appendages promote membrane docking, leading to cilia initiation. Genes Dev. 27: 163-168.

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Wang WJ, Soni RS, Uryu K, Tsou MF. (2011). The conversion of centrioles to centrosomes: essential coupling of duplication with segregation. J. Cell Biol, 193(4): 727-739.

Krueger LE, Wu JC, Tsou MF, Rose LS. (2010). LET-99 inhibits lateral posterior pulling forces during asymmetric spindle elongation in C. elegans embryos. J Cell Biol.189(3):481-95.

Tsou MF*, Wang WJ, Yule KA, Kunihiro Uryu, Stearns T, Jallepalli PV*. (2009). Polo kinase and separase regulate the mitotic licensing of centriole duplication in human cells. Dev. Cell. 17: 344-354. (* Co-corresponding authors). Featured article of the issue.

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