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The Michael Overholtzer Lab: Publications

Visit PubMed for a full listing of Michael Overholtzer’s journal articles

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Overholtzer M, and Brugge JS. (2008) The Cell Biology of Cell-in-Cell Structures. Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol. In Press.

Mailleux AA, Overholtzer M, and Brugge JS. (2008) [Entosis: a cell death process related to cell cannibalism between tumor cells.] Med Sci (Paris). French. Mar 24;(3):246-48.

Mailleux AA, Overholtzer M, and Brugge JS. (2008) Lumen formation during mammary epithelial morphogenesis: insights from in vitro and in vivo models. Cell Cycle. Jan;7(1):57-62.

Overholtzer M, Mailleux AA, Mouneimne G, Normand G, Schnitt SJ, King RW, Cibas ES, and Brugge JS. (2007) A non-apoptotic cell death process, entosis, that occurs by cell-in-cell invasion. Cell. Nov 30;131(5):966-79.

Schmelzle T, Mailleux AA*, Overholtzer M*, Carroll JS, Solimini NL, Lightcap ES, Veiby OP, and Brugge JS. (2007) Functional role and oncogene-regulated expression of the BH3-only factor Bmf in mammary epithelial anoikis and morphogenesis. PNAS. Mar 6:104(10):3787-92.

Mailleux AA, Overholtzer M*, Schmelzle T*, Bouillet P, Strasser A and Brugge JS. (2007) Bim regulates apoptosis during mammary ductal morphogenesis, and its absence reveals alternative cell death mechanisms. Dev. Cell, Feb:12(2):221-34.

Overholtzer M*, Zhang J*, Smolen GA*, Muir B, Li W, Sgroi DC, Deng CX, Brugge JS, and Haber DA. (2006) Transforming properties of YAP, a candidate oncogene on the chromosome 11q22 amplicon. PNAS. Aug 15:103(33):12405-10.