The Ola Landgren Lab

The Myeloma Genomic Laboratory

Our laboratory integrates clinical, computational, and molecular biology expertise to determine the genomic drivers underlying initiation and progression of lymphoproliferative disorders. We aim to inform new strategies for early detection, prevention, and treatment of these diseases. Our laboratory is uniquely positioned within the Myeloma Service at the Department of Medicine at MSKCC, a world-leader in early drug development, providing state-of-the-art care for multiple myeloma patients across the United States and internationally. This ensures access to patient samples and clinical data derived from the use of cutting-edge therapies (e.g., CAR-T and bi-specific antibodies). Together with a strong network of collaborators, we are currently interrogating large datasets of whole genome, exome, and RNA sequencing to determine the impact of mutational signatures, structural variants, and rare drivers on multiple myeloma pathogenesis and clinical outcome.

Ola Landgren

Ola Landgren, MD, PhD

Principal Investigator

Research Focus

Dr. Landgren’s and Dr. Maura’s research agenda focuses on the role of genomic alterations in the pathogenesis and progression of multiple myeloma and other lymphoproliferative disorders.


MD, Karolinska Institutet

Lab Members

Selected Achievements
  • Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation Immuno-Network Grant -- 2018
  • American Society of Clinical Investigation (ASCI) -- 2012