Our lab within the Department of Medicine conducts research on the molecular understanding of the highly variable phenotypic spectrum of prostate cancer.

Job Responsibilities 

As a Research Technician in this lab, you would assist investigators in research activities and carry out assigned laboratory duties according to standard and specified procedures. Opportunities for independent research and learning cutting edge technologies including CRISPR, ChiP sequencing are available.

  • Cell biological approaches using western blots and phosphoproteomic arrays in various prostate cancer cells lines.
  • Molecular biology approaches such as plasmid isolation, DNA cloning, in vitro transcription, lentiviral infection in cell lines and Q-PCR.
  • In vivo xenograft experiments for tumor growth and metastasis of prostate cancer.
  • Maintenance of lab cell lines.
  • Independently recording/managing data files and coordinating assignments on a day-to-day basis.

Application Requirements

  • A BA or BS in Biology, Biochemistry, Physics, Engineering, Computer Science, or related science.
  • Minimum of one year of research experience required.
  • Experience with cell and molecular biology techniques highly preferred.
  • Experience with mice xenograft will be a plus.
  • A minimum two-year commitment is required.