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The Philipp Niethammer Lab: Publications

Visit PubMed for a full listing of Philipp Niethammer’s journal articles

Pubmed is an online index of biomedical articles maintained by the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.

Jelcic M, Niethammer P. (2015) Do not scratch that mole! Trends Immunol36, 503-504.

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P. Niethammer, H.Y. Kueh, T.J. Mitchison Spatial patterning of metabolism by mitochondria, oxygen, and energy sinks in a model cytoplasm. Current Biology, 18, 586-9. 2008.

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P. Niethammer, M. Delling, V. Sytnyk, A. Dityatev, K. Fukami, M. Schachner. Cosignaling of NCAM via lipid rafts and the FGF receptor is required for neuritogenesis. The Journal of Cell Biology, 157, 521-32. 2002.