Our lab investigates the mechanistic basis and physiologic consequences of metastasis, the cause of nearly all deaths from solid tumors.  We utilize the zebrafish for these studies due to its capacity for unbiased genetic and small molecule screens and remarkable imaging qualities.  We are currently studying metastatic mechanisms in melanoma, and have begun work to develop models of pancreatic cancer in the zebrafish.

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Pictured: Richard White

Richard Mark White, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor

Research Focus

Cancer biologist Richard Mark White investigates the evolution of metastases in zebrafish.


MD, PhD, Albany Medical College

Selected Achievements

  • Young Mentor Award, Melanoma Research Alliance (2012)
  • Young Investigator Award, American Association for Cancer Research/American Society of Clinical Oncology (2012)
  • Certificate of Distinction in Teaching,The Derek Bok Center, Harvard University (2012)
  • Young Mentor Award, Harvard Medical School (2009)
  • Outstanding Educator Award, Yale School of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine (2002)