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The Joseph Osborne Lab for Cancer Health Equity

The Osborne Laboratory for Cancer Health Equity has a strong interest in the genetic and socioeconomic causes of the uneven burden of cancer-related mortality. As it is now known that specific tumor genomic mutations can be exploited for more effective diagnosis and treatment, we will further explore how this is reflected in various subpopulations. We believe that this novel approach will have a significant impact on our patients. From the diagnostic perspective, we will continue to have a strong focus on the next generation of molecular imaging probes, but will focus on finding means of cost-effective and practical integration.  It is our belief that cost effective diagnostics will translate to broader access to more effective therapeutics. Cancer equity will be addressed by combining these seemingly disparate areas of focus into one goal, dedicated towards the responsible translation of investigational compounds and genomic biomarkers into the communities most at-risk.


If you would like to additional information, contact us at (212) 639-7788.