The Thomas Fuchs Lab: Publications

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Fuchs, Thomas J., and Joachim M. Buhmann. “Computational pathology: Challenges and promises for tissue analysis.” Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics 35.7 (2011): 515-530.

Fuchs, Thomas J., Peter Wild, Holger Moch, and Joachim Buhmann. “Computational pathology analysis of tissue microarrays predicts survival of renal clear cell carcinoma patients.” Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention–MICCAI 2008 (2008): 1-8.

Meyer, Stefanie, Thomas J. Fuchs, Anja K. Bosserhoff, Ferdinand Hofstädter, Armin Pauer, Volker Roth, Joachim M. Buhmann et al. “A seven-marker signature and clinical outcome in malignant melanoma: a large-scale tissue-microarray study with two independent patient cohorts.” PLoS One 7, no. 6 (2012): e38222.