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Thomas J. Kelly: Overview

Additionally, DNA replication must be coordinated with the other events of the cell cycle, such as mitosis and cell division. This coordination is achieved by regulatory mechanisms that enforce the strict alternation of DNA replication and mitosis.

Finally, eukaryotic cells have evolved supplementary controls that come into play when DNA replication is perturbed by DNA damage. Under these circumstances cells trigger a complex array of pathways that alter cell cycle progression and activate DNA repair. These processes are critical for maintenance of the integrity of the genome and suppression of cancer.

I am using computational approaches to understand the dynamics of DNA replication in eukaryotic cells. My work builds upon an extensive body of biochemical studies of eukaryotic DNA replication carried out in my laboratory over several decades. I am interested in answering the following questions:

  • What are the structural and functional characteristics of origins of DNA replication in eukaryotic chromosomes?
  • What mechanisms control the timing of replication of different regions of the genome?
  • What mechanisms account for the correlation of mutation rate with the timing of DNA replication in cancer cells?
  • What mechanisms contribute to the generation of fragile sites and large scale rearrangements observed in cancer cells??