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Prasad S. Adusumilli, MD

Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories

Physician-scientist Prasad Adusumilli studies tumor immunology and the development of T-cell-mediated immunotherapy for thoracic malignancies and pleural-based diseases.

Image from the cover of Journal of Clinical Investigation, August 2016

Kathryn V. Anderson, PhD

Developmental Biology Program

The Anderson laboratory studies genetic pathways that direct embryonic patterning and morphogenesis in the mouse embryo.

Anderson lab

Vinod Balachandran, MD

Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories

Surgeon scientist Vinod Balachandran investigates T cell immunobiology in pancreatic cancer.

The Vinod Balachandran Lab

Renier J. Brentjens, MD, PhD

Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories

Physician-scientist Renier Brentjens develops novel immunotherapies for leukemias and lymphomas.

The Renier Brentjens Lab

Jayanta Chaudhuri, PhD

Immunology Program

Immunologist Jayanta Chaudhuri studies the mechanisms of immunoglobulin gene diversification.

The Jayanta Chaudhuri Lab

Nai-Kong V. Cheung, MD, PhD

Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories

Physician-scientist Nai-Kong Cheung focuses on engineering antibodies and immune cells to treat both solid tumors and liquid tumors in children.

Nai-Kong Cheung Lab Group

Liang Deng, MD, PhD

Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories

Physician-scientist Liang Deng studies poxvirus interface with the immune system and the development of poxviruses as oncolytic and immunotherapy for cancers.

The Liang Deng Lab

Frederic Geissmann, MD, PhD

Immunology Program

My research is focused on cellular and molecular mechanisms that control the differentiation, maintenance, and physiological functions of macrophages and monocytes and their roles in tissue homeostasis and disease processes.

Frederic Geissmann Lab Group

Michael S. Glickman, MD

Immunology Program

Physician-scientist Michael Glickman investigates the physiology and pathogenic mechanisms of mycobacteria, including regulated intramembrane proteolysis (the Rip1 pathway); double-strand-break repair and associated DNA damage responses; and cell envelope biosynthesis.

Michael Glickman Lab

Ulrich Hammerling, PhD

Immunology Program

Function of Vitamin A in the regulation of energy generation of mitochondria.