Research Labs

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Human Oncology & Pathogenesis Program
Samuel Bakhoum Lab Group
Samuel Bakhoum, MD, PhD
Physician-scientist Samuel Bakhoum studies the role of chromosomal instability in tumor evolution and metastasis.
Chemical Biology Program
Pictured: Chiosis Lab
Gabriela Chiosis, PhD
The Chiosis lab uses a unique chemical biology approach to understand, diagnose, and treat cellular processes associated with chronic molecular stress, with the ultimate goal of developing novel therapeutic options for use in the clinic.
Computational & Systems Biology Program
The John Chodera Lab
John Chodera, PhD
Computational chemist John Chodera uses statistical mechanics, molecular modeling, and automated biophysical experiments to help identify new potential therapeutics and investigate mechanisms of drug resistance in cancer.
Molecular Pharmacology Program
The Karuna Ganesh Lab
Karuna Ganesh, MD, PhD
Physician-scientist Karuna Ganesh studies stem cell plasticity in metastasis, therapy resistance and tissue regeneration.
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Benjamin Greenbaum, PhD
The Greenbaum lab utilizes techniques from statistical physics, information theory, and evolutionary biology to better understand the role of self/non-self discrimination in tumor evolution, model response to immunotherapies, and quantify drivers of virus and cancer evolution.
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
Computational & Systems Biology Program
Quaid Morris, PhD
Computational biologist Quaid Morris uses artificial intelligence techniques and develops machine learning algorithms to study gene regulation, cancer evolution, clinical informatics, and other topics in systems biology.
Computational & Systems Biology Program
The Dana Pe'er Lab
Dana Pe'er, PhD
Computational Biologist Dana Pe’er combines single cell technologies, genomic datasets and machine learning techniques to address fundamental questions addressing regulatory cell circuits, cellular development, tumor immune eco-system, genotype to phenotype relations and precision medicine.
Memorial Hospital Research Laboratories
The Stephen Solomon Lab
Stephen Solomon
Dr. Solomon is an interventional radiologist whose team investigates novel minimally invasive, image-guided therapies and their biologic and immunologic interactions.
Computational & Systems Biology Program
The Joao Xavier Lab
Joao Xavier, PhD
Systems biologist Joao Xavier combines experimental and computational approaches to study diverse problems relevant to cancer: how the microbiome influences cancer and cancer treatment, how cancer cells metastasize, and how metabolic fluxes command the behavior of living cells.