2007 BTC Grant Winners

2007 BTC Grant Winners

The following scientists and clinicians were winners of the first-annual Memorial Sloan Kettering brain tumor grant competition. All were approved for a second year of funding from July 2008 through June 2009.

  • Michelle Bradbury, Assistant Attending, Department of Radiology

    Project: Dynamic PET imaging of tumor growth and early response to targeted signaling inhibitors in genetically engineered mouse models

  • Luca Cartegni, Assistant Member, SKI, Molecular Pharmacology and Chemisty

    Project: Profiling, characterization, and therapeutic modulations of aberrant alternative RNA splicing in gliomas

  • Daniel Ciznadija, Research Fellow, SKI, Molecular Biology

    Project: Dissection of the oncogenic functions of the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p21 mediating PDGF-directed gliomagenesis

  • Adilia Hormigo, Assistant Attending, Department of Neurology

    Project: Understanding the role of CD133+ stem cells in the brain

  • Andrew Lassman, Assistant Attending, Department of Neurology

    Project: Targeting glioblastoma stem cells with Akt inhibition and radiation

  • Michael McDevitt, Assistant Attending, Department of Medicine

    Project: Targeting tumor vasculature with a self-assembling synthetic infarct