2008 BTC Grant Winners

2008 BTC Grant Winners

2008 Grant Winners 2008 Grant Winners -- Xinjiang Wang, Oren Becher, Robert Young, Steven Foster, Ruimin Huang, Kathryn Beal, Bipin Bhatia, Cameron Brennan (from left)

The following scientists and clinicians are winners of the 2008 Memorial Sloan Kettering brain tumor grant competition.

  • Kathryn Beal, Assistant Attending, Department of Radiation Oncology; Robert Young, Assistant Attending, Department of Radiology

Project: Using advanced MR imaging to determine high risk areas in patients with malignant high grade gliomas and potential changes in radiation therapy

  • Oren Becher, Instructor, Department of Pediatrics

Project: Using RCAS tv-a system to model brainstem gliomas

  • Bipin Bhatia, Research Fellow, SKI, Cancer Biology & Genetics

Project: Tumor suppressor TSC2 inactivation and p27 mislocalization in brain development and medulloblastoma

Project: A microarray-based molecular diagnostic panel for glioma

Project: The link between covalent protein-DNA lesion formation and repair in neurons and medulloblastoma development

  • Ruimin Huang, Fellow, Department of Neurology

Project: Non-Invasive bioluminescence imaging of antiangiogenic effects on gliomas in VEGF/VEGFR2 reporter mouse models

  • Xinjiang Wang, Research Fellow, SKI, Cell Biology

Project: NEDD4-1 as a gliomagenic oncogene and drug target for treatment of brain tumor