Past Projects & Shared Equipment

Past Projects

Large-Scale Analysis and Clinical Application of the Breast Cancer Metastasis Epigenome
Timothy Chan, MD, PhD

Genetic Analyses of Secondary CNS Metastases in Neuroblastoma (NB)
Nai-Kong Cheung, MD, PhD

Functional Genomics Analysis of Tumor Dormancy at Metastatic Sites
Filippo Giancotti, MD, PhD

Inflammation in the Promotion of Breast Cancer and Metastases
Clifford Hudis, MD

Exploring the Anti-Tumor and Anti-Metastatic Function of Protein Kinase C-θ Microclusters in Natural Killer Cells
Morgan Huse, PhD

Identifying Clinical Tools to Detect SRC as a Critical Moderator of Bone Metastasis Latency in Women with ER Positive
Larry Norton, MD

Regulatory T cells and Breast Cancer
Alexander Rudensky, PhD

Does Ablation of Tumor Neo-Vasculature Promote or Inhibit Metastatic Potential?
David Scheinberg, MD, PhD

Shared Equipment

An Image-Guided Microirradiator for Preclinical Radiation Research
Joseph Deasy, PhD

The Ivis Spectrum for Pre-Clinical Oncology Research
Pat Zanzonico, PhD