Grants & Fellowships

The Lucille Castori Center for Microbes, Inflammation, and Cancer (CMIC) awards seed grants to Sloan Kettering Institute or Memorial Hospital faculty members for studies of infections in cancer patients and research into the association between microbes, the inflammatory response, and cancer. Grants are awarded for one years in amounts up to $100,000 per year. CMIC Seed Grant applications are reviewed by a panel of Memorial Sloan Kettering faculty members, who award support for the most promising and innovative projects.

CMIC Seed Grants enable Memorial Sloan Kettering investigators to generate the data needed to compete successfully for larger, longer-term grants from the National Institutes of Health or other funding agencies.

We also award competitive, intra-institutional fellowships to investigators who are conducting research focused on infection and inflammation and their role in the development of cancer. We grant up to four fellowship awards per year, which provide salary support. Our fellows present their research at the CMIC Annual Summer Symposium.