Pictured: Steven Leach

The Rubenstein Center brings together a multidisciplinary team of basic, translational, and clinical scientists to pursue groundbreaking research focusing on a broad range of questions relevant to our understanding of pancreatic cancer as well as to our ability to control the disease.  For example, our scientists conduct studies focused on the epidemiology, early detection, chemoprevention, and therapeutics of pancreatic cancer as well as the identification of new imaging techniques and circulating biomarkers. In addition, the Rubenstein Center is pioneering advanced genomics techniques to yield new insights about the clonal heterogeneity of pancreatic tumors and find new ways to overcome mechanisms of drug resistance.

Rubenstein Center experts provide collaborative consultation and assist the Memorial Sloan Kettering research community in acquiring and analyzing pancreatic cancer biospecimens, including fresh frozen and paraffin-embedded tumor tissue; customized tissue microarrays; tumor DNA, RNA, and protein; ctDNA and circulating tumor cells; and genetically engineered mouse models.

Training Opportunities

Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

Postdoctoral research fellowships for highly qualified applicants are now available in the labs of Steven D. Leach and Christine Iacobuzio-Donahue. If you are interested in applying, contact Jerry Melchor at melchorj@mskcc.org.

Clinical and Translational Research Fellowships

The Rubenstein Center is offering funded research opportunities in both clinical and translational research. During the two-year research fellowships, recipients will work directly with the Rubenstein Center’s executive leadership. Research will be focused on invasive and pre-invasive pancreatic neoplasms, with an emphasis on projects with direct clinical translation. Individuals who are in their surgical training, and interested in surgical oncology, are encouraged to apply. If you are interested in applying, contact Peter Allen at 212-639-5132 or allenp@mskcc.org.