Core Projects


Cancer Initiation and Early Tumorigenesis

Using new epigenomics technologies and innovative single-cell analyses with state-of-the-art systems biology approaches, we aim to decipher the underlying molecular and epigenetic programs of dysfunctional tumor-specific T cell differentiation in early tumorigenesis.

Modeling Tumor Ecosystem Dynamics during Immunotherapy

We will perform quantitative analysis of cell types and cell states using functional, flow cytometric, population RNA-seq and droplet RNA sequencing together with ecological models of cancer, immune, and stromal cell populations to study the response of the tumor ecosystem to immunotherapeutic perturbations in established tumors.

Latent Disease and Metastasis

We will examine the evolutionary dynamics of innate immune system control of metastatic disease, a new area of investigation in cancer immunology. We will investigate the heterogeneity of latent cancer cells in their capacity for immune evasion, and we will use quantitative methods, including live cell imaging, to model latent tumor cell evasion of innate immune control and the dynamics of cycles of latent cell proliferation and potential editing by NK cells.