Core Topics


The members of the Center for Health Policy and Outcomes conduct research on a wide variety of topics in healthcare delivery and health policy, particularly in relation to cancer. Core topics of this research center include care appropriateness; cancer care quality measurement and reporting; comparative effectiveness research and outcomes; and pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement policy.

  • Care Appropriateness
    Members of the Center are involved broadly in research related to care appropriateness, which includes efforts to ensure optimal delivery of proven effective care and avoiding inappropriate care or overuse.
  • Cancer Care Quality Measurement & Reporting
    Members of the Center are engaged in research and policy development related to measuring aspects of cancer care quality. Their work seeks to uncover variations in practice that could explain differences in outcomes.
  • Comparative Effectiveness Research & Outcomes
    Members of the Center engage in research looking at a broad range of policy-relevant clinical questions.
  • Pharmaceutical Pricing & Reimbursement Policy
    Members of the Center explore elements of the pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement policy landscape, system level features, and reforms of drug pricing and health insurance coverage.