Faculty at the Center for Health Policy and Outcomes include physicians and researchers with a wide range of experience in many facets of cancer care.


Carol Aghajanian, MD
Carol Aghajanian

Chief, Gynecologic Medical Oncology Service

Memorial Sloan Kettering medical oncologist Robert Daly
Robert Daly

Assistant Attending Physician

Pictured: Mithat Gönen
Mithat Gönen

Chief, Biostatistics Service

Memorial Sloan Kettering medical oncologist Angela Green
Angela Green

Assistant Attending Physician

Allison Lipitz-Snyderman
Allison Lipitz-Snyderman

Associate Member

Sham Mailankody, MBBS
Sham Mailankody

Clinical Director, Cellular Therapy Service; Research Director, Myeloma Service

Memorial Sloan Kettering plastic surgeon Evan Matros
Evan Matros

Associate Attending Surgeon

Memorial Sloan Kettering surgeon Daniela Molena
Daniela Molena

Director, Esophageal Surgery Program

Katherine Panageas, DrPH
Katherine Panageas

Attending Biostatistician; Director, Research Support

Gregory J. Riely, MD, PhD
Gregory J. Riely

Vice Chair of Clinical Research, Department of Medicine

Benjamin R. Roman, MD, MSHP
Benjamin R. Roman

Assistant Attending Surgeon

Paul Sabbatini, MD
Paul Sabbatini

Deputy Physician-in-Chief for Clinical Research

Leonard Saltz, MD
Leonard Saltz

Executive Director for Clinical Value & Sustainability; Head, Colorectal Oncology Section

Talya Salz, Associate Attending Outcomes Research Scientist
Talya Salz

Associate Attending Outcomes Research Scientist

MSK hematologic oncologist Gunjan Shah
Gunjan L. Shah

Assistant Attending Physician

Memorial Sloan Kettering surgeon Vivian E. Strong
Vivian E. Strong

Iris Cantor Chair in Honor of Dr. Sidney Winawer

Dr. Andrew Vickers
Andrew Vickers

Attending Research Methodologist

  • Andrew Briggs
  • Amelia Chan
  • Raymond Muller
Nancy Yu

Nancy Yu


Renee Gennarelli

Renee Gennarelli

Anna Kaltenboeck

Anna Kaltenboeck

Maha Mamoor

Maha Mamoor