The Center organizes and hosts frequent seminars, widely attended by both internal members and other MSK faculty and staff. Researchers from within MSK and from other institutions are invited to present on their current projects. Presentations cover a wide array of topics, from cancer care performance measurement to reimbursement and cost of care. These seminars provide an opportunity for the presenter to hear valuable feedback, as well as keep the attendees engaged in and aware of their colleagues’ endeavors.

Recent Seminars

March 2018
March 9: Lindsay Sabik, University of Pittsburgh 
March 23: Angela Green, MSK

April 2018 
April 6: Heather Gold, NYU Langone Health
April 20: Benjamin Roman, MSK

May 2018
May 11: Deborah Korenstein, MSK
May 18: Stephen Schleicher, MSK

June 2018
June 1: Andrew Vickers, MSK
June 15: Sigrid Carlsson, MSK