ResTeP Curriculum


Introduction to Cancer Biology

  • Molecular Biology and Laboratory Research
  • Introduction to Cancer Research
  • Introduction to Immuno-Oncology

Laboratory Administration Lectures

  • Research technician role and lab duties
  • Supporting principal investigators and postdocs
  • Lab supply management and inventory

Laboratory Skills Training

  • Basic Guide to Experiments and Pipetting, Experimental Rigor and Reproducibility, Statistics in research: The p-value.
  • How to Manage a Lab Notebook and Research Project
  • BCA/ Western Blot, overview of imaging (IHC, IF, intro to microscopy)
  • DNA Methods: Bacteria/Plasmid, CRISPR, PCR, Sanger Sequencing, MSK- Impact exome sequencing
  • Experimental Models: Cell culture, GEM models in research, xenograft and organoid models
  • RNA Methods: RNAi, qRT-PCR, RNA -Seq

Certifications and Trainings

  • Animal training
  • Biosafety course (lab chemicals)
  • Certificate of fitness
  • Shipping Hazardous Materials
  • Regulatory 101 HSP and GCP (ethics, research compliance, IRB)
  • Clinical Trials 101 and Translational Research 101

Professional Development

  • Resume Writing and Editing
  • Professionalism in the Workplace and Branding
  • Financial Basis