Immunogenomics and Precision Oncology Platform (IPOP)

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Immune-based therapies are redefining how cancer is treated, bringing better clinical outcomes into reach for more and more people. The Immunogenomics and Precision Oncology Platform (IPOP) at Memorial Sloan Kettering merges our expertise in immunology and genomics to drive innovation in this promising clinical arena.

IPOP is focused on understanding how the immune system recognizes and responds to cancer-specific mutations. Its mission is to develop large-scale immunogenomic discovery capabilities in partnership with clinicians and researchers within the MSK community, as well as industry collaborators.

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MSK Immunogenomics and Precision Oncology Platform (IPOP) Team
Immunogenomics and Precision Oncology Platform (IPOP)
Happening in IPOP

April 14, 2018: Jennifer Sims chair and speaker at the AACR pre-meeting workshop "Assessing the T Cell Repertoire in Clinical Trials"

"Immunogenomic analyses of tumor cells and microenvironment in patients with advanced melanoma before and after treatment with nivolumab" in the Clinical Research session at the AACR Annual Meeting 2017 in Washington, D.C.

March 1, 2017: Jonathan Havel wins a Faculty of 1000 outstanding poster award at the Quantitative Approaches in Immuno-Oncology meeting at The New York Academy of Sciences, New York, NY.

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IPOP group meetings take place on Tuesday afternoons. Please inquire for schedule! Anthony V. D'Antoni, PhD, IPOP Project Portfolio Manager.

Career Opportunities

Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows joining the MSK, Cornell, or the Tri-Institutional PhD or MD/PhD programs have the opportunity to participate in both experimental and computational biology with IPOP.

New listings for positions coming soon! Please inquire.