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Mission and Goals

IPOP is a state-of-the-art program dedicated to translational immuno-oncology research, discovery, and collaboration. Our mission is to partner with MSK investigators and industry. IPOP emphasizes large-scale immunogenomics capabilities in partnership with scientists and companies running clinical trials to foster immuno-oncology discovery and drug development. The specific goals of the platform are:

  • engaging in flagship projects with investigators from MSK and other New York-area institutions
  • facilitating more industry contracts and collaborations and enhancing capabilities
  • facilitating more collaborative work on national clinical trials
  • enhancing experimental and analytical capabilities for immunogenomics and large-scale, data-rich immunology studies
  • driving MSK’s intellectual property engine in immuno-oncology
  • developing immuno-oncology–driven diagnostics in partnership with clinical (CLIA-certified) labs at MSK
  • establishing an experimental and analytical engine to tackle the complexity of immunogenomics:
    • cBIO Portal for Immunotherapy: a searchable, minable portal for major genomic, transcriptomic, and high-dimensional immunologic datasets for patients from all over the world treated with immuno-oncology therapeutics, facilitating analysis of features relevant to immuno-oncology, with application-driven access for the research and clinical trials community
    • high-throughput cancer antigen screening platform
    • open-source T cell receptor repertoire sequencing @ MSK: high-throughput processing with Integrated Genomics Operation; analysis portal and end-user data availability
    • flagship precision immuno-oncology projects: industry contracts for innovative clinical trials; precision immunotherapy for kidney cancer and head and neck tumors