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Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Lucille Castori Center for Microbes, Inflammation, and Cancer (CMIC) brings together laboratories and investigators conducting research on infections in cancer patients, microbial causes of cancer, and infection-induced inflammation. Our mission is to promote research focusing on the relationship between microbes and their mammalian hosts and to identify specific microbes, microbial populations, and microbe-derived factors that promote the development or progression of cancer.

Research topics that fall under the Castori Center umbrella include:

  • Microbe-induced inflammation
  • Microbial causes of cancer
  • Microbiota, microbiome, microbial transcriptome/metabolome and cancer
  • Use of microbes or microbial molecules to treat cancer
  • Infections associated with cancer treatment
  • Novel approaches to prevent infections caused by highly antibiotic resistant microbes