Request for Applications


Applications should include:

  1. Project abstract – A brief description (250 words or less) of your research project.
  2. Mentor information (1 page) – At least two mentors, including a designated primary mentor. Mentors must represent two different disciplines within MSK. One of the mentors must also be a member of CMINT. 
  3. NIH Biosketch of the applicant and the mentors.
  4. Research proposal (3 pages – not including figures and references) that must include:
  5. hypothesis and specific aims
  6. background
  7. research plan
  8. description of how this application bridges MI with another field of cancer science (at least half a page)
  9. Career statement (1 page) – Your short- and long-term goals and how this award would impact your career development.
  10. Mentors’ letters: Required from all mentors; designated primary mentor must include a mentorship plan.

Please submit all portions of the application as one single PDF file and use at least half-inch margins and no smaller than 11-point Arial font. Review criteria will include the scientific merit of the proposed research, applicants’ strength for a career in scientific research, the strength of the bridge of MI and another cancer research discipline, and the letters of recommendation from mentors and the mentorship plan.

For application due dates and other information

Kevin Staton, MS MBA
Project Manager, Funds
Radiochemistry and Molecular Imaging Probes Core
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
1275 York Ave, New York, NY 10065
T 212.639.6095