Victoria Blinder, MD

Assistant Attending Physician
Office Phone:
University of Michigan Medical School

Current Research Interests

Dr. Blinder’s main research interest is in ethnic disparities in survivorship outcomes among women treated for breast cancer. Dr. Blinder has conducted qualitative research on barriers to return to work among ethnically diverse breast cancer survivors in New York City. She is currently collaborating with colleagues at UCLA on a prospective longitudinal study of low-income uninsured or under-insured breast cancer survivors in California. The results of the first three years of follow-up were published in Cancer in 2012. Dr. Blinder received an American Cancer Society mentored research scholar grant in 2010 to conduct a multi-center study of ethnic differences in the impact of breast cancer on employment status, financial situation, and quality of life. This study is ongoing and is currently open at MSKCC and five community hospitals throughout New York City. She also received a career development award from the American Society of Clinical Oncology for her pilot work in this area. Additional research interests include patient-physician communication about treatment planning and survivorship as well as ethnic disparities in breast cancer care and the financial impact of breast cancer on economically disadvantaged populations.

Publications by Victoria Blinder

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