Postdoctoral Scholar

We study the wound detection using an interdisciplinary approach that utilizes artificial membrane systems, microfluidics, cultured cells, and intravital imaging in zebrafish (e.g., Niethammer et al., Nature, 2009; Enyedi et al., Nature Cell Biology; 2013; Enyedi et al., Cell, 2016; Huang et al., Immunity, 2018).

Available project areas include:

  • The biomechanical regulation of early inflammation during wound detection and confined leukocyte migration in tissues.
  • Inflammatory lipid signaling during wound healing and cancer.
  • Visualizing physiological gradients of inflammatory mediators during tissue damage and infection.

We are a young, interdisciplinary team that embraces new ideas, approaches, and rigorous, quantitative research. Candidates from cell biology, biophysics, biochemistry, immunology, and bioengeneering are encouraged to apply. Experience with zebrafish is not required. Own ideas are welcome to start the discussion.

  • The position is suited for versatile, goal-oriented candidates who enjoy interdisciplinary work, quantitative approaches, and want to answer basic biological questions in a biomedically relevant context, and in intact animals.
  • Initial funding is covered for at least two years. Internal MSKCC postdoctoral fellowships are available and relatively easy to get given proof of previous productivity.
  • Subsidized Manhattan housing is available for at least three years. o Salary levels are competitive.
  • The MSKCC-Rockefeller University-Weill Cornell Medical College triangle campus is a thriving biomedical community.

Job Title

Postdoctoral Fellow

Application Requirements

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Letter of intent