Research Laboratory Manager

Laboratory Manager will be responsible for managing day-to-day activities within a large cancer research laboratory, including ensuring operation of essential equipment, maintaining adequate supplies for experimental procedures and assisting in pre and post award grant writing. The Laboratory Manager will meet with and work in conjunction with the PI, Animal Laboratory Manager and lab administrator to align goals for the entire lab, and collaboratively and independently determine processes required to achieve those goals. Responsibilities include the development and refining of online lab guidelines, protocols, the inventory system, and other lab organization tools used to sustain a highly organized, functioning lab. This position also serves as point of contact between the lab and venders and other university departments to promptly attend to any existing and new lab-operation issues. Responsibilities will also include, but are not limited to, consolidating and tracking all purchases, evaluating new techniques, technology, reagents, and general supplies/consumables for higher efficiency and performance while minimizing the costs, and ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations (IACUC, IBC, LS&EH, research support, etc…)

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Application Requirements

BS/Master’s Degree preferred