Microchemistry & Proteomics

Ronald Hendrickson (Core Head)

Microchemistry & Proteomics

Ronald Hendrickson (Core Head)

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The Microchemistry & Proteomics Core is a biomedical proteomics center that supports laboratory and clinical research programs at Memorial Sloan Kettering by performing mass spectrometry based sequence analyses of proteins and peptides; generally for the purpose of identification, relative quantitative analysis, and post-translational modification (PTM) analysis.  In addition, we synthesize and purify custom peptides up to 50 amino acids in length.

We are currently accepting coomassie and silver stained gel bands and spots for mass spectrometry sequencing, and coomassie stained gel bands and spots for rapid gel band ID or protein modification analysis. N-terminal sequencing projects are preferred on a solid support such as PVDF. Synthetic peptides are made according to specifications provided by the investigator. Information on chemistries and instrumentation, and expert advice on experimental approaches are provided by facility staff when needed.

The Core provides the following services:

State-of-the art Mass Spectrometry-Based Protein Identification, Post Translational Modification Analysis, and Relative Protein Quantification

  • Rapid gel band ID (coomassie stained)
  • Complex protein analysis through ’geLC-MS/MS’ protein mixtures (up to 500-1000 proteins or more
  • Post-translational modification (PTM) analysis
  • SILAC quantification using MaxQuant and/or Mascot Distiller