Molecular Cytology: Publications

Katia Manova (Core Head)

Molecular Cytology: Publications

Katia Manova (Core Head)


Selected publications co-authored by MCCF staff (2005-present)

Ciznadija et al. (2011) Immunohistochemical assessment of signal transduction and cell-cycle networks in neural tumors. Methods Mol Biol 717:221-31.

Fujisawa et al. (2011) Double In Situ Detection of Sonic Hedgehog mRNA and pMAPK Protein in Examining the Cell Proliferation Signaling Pathway in Mouse Embryo. Methods Mol Biol 717:257-76.

Glomski et al. (2011) Deletion of Adam10 in endothelial cells leads to defects in organ-specific vascular structures. Blood 118 (4):1163-74.

Oskarsson et al. (2011) Breast cancer cells produce tenascin C as a metastatic niche component to colonize the lungs. Nat Med 17(7):867-74.

Deshpande et al. (2010) Kit ligand cytoplasmic domain is essential for basolateral sorting in vivo and has roles in spermatogenesis and hematopoiesis. Dev Biol 337(2):199-210.

Rossi et al. (2010) Imatinib upregulates compensatory integrin signaling in a mouse model of gastrointestinal stromal tumor and is more effective when combined with dasatinib. Mol Cancer Res 8(9):1271-83.

Ruggiero et al. (2010) Paradoxical glomerular filtration of carbon nanotubes. PNAS 107(27):12369-74.

Alarcón et al. (2009) Nuclear CDKs drive Smad transcriptional activation and turnover in BMP and TGF-beta pathways. Cell 139(4):757-69.

Bachvarova et al. (2009) Expression of Dazl and Vasa in turtle embryos and ovaries: evidence for inductive specification of germ cells. Evol Dev 11(5):525-34.

Hambardzumyan et al. (2008) PI3K pathway regulates survival of cancer stem cells residing in the perivascular niche following radiation in medulloblastoma in vivo. Genes Dev 22(4):436-48.

Henke et al. (2008) Peptide-conjugated antisense oligonucleotides for targeted inhibition of a transcriptional regulator in vivo. Nat Biotechnol 26(1):91-100.

Paoluzzi et al. (2008) The BH3-only mimetic ABT-737 synergizes the antineoplastic activity of proteasome inhibitors in lymphoid malignances. Blood 112(7):2906-16.

Paoluzzi et al. (2008) Targeting Bcl-2 family members with the BH3 mimetic AT-101 markedly enhances the therapeutic effects of chemotherapeutic agents in in vitro and in vivo of B-cell lymphoma. Blood 111(11):5350-8.

Tse et al. (2008) A phase 1 dose-escalation study of irinotecan in combination with 17-allylamino-17-demethoxygeldanamycin in patients with solid tumors. Clin Cancer Res 14(20):6704-11.

Felicetti et al. (2007) Tumor endothelial marker 8 enhances tumor immunity in conjunction with immunization against differentiation Ag. Cytotherapy 9(1):23-34.

Gupta et al. (2007) Mediators of vascular remodelling co-opted for sequential steps in lung metastasis. Nature 446(7137):765-70.

Berrozpe et al. (2006) A distant upstream locus control region is critical for expression of the Kit receptor gene in mast cells. Mol Cell Biol 26(15):5850-60.

Refik-Rogers et al. (2006) Misexpression of cyclin B3 leads to aberrant spermatogenesis. Cell Cycle 5(17):1966-73.

Rossi et al. (2006) Oncogenic Kit signaling and therapeutic intervention in a mouse model of gastrointestinal stromal tumor. PNAS 103(34):12843-8.

Boffa et al. (2005) Measurement of apoptosis of intact human islets by confocal optical sectioning and stereologic analysis of YO-PRO-1-stained islets. Transplantation 79(7):842-5.

Difilippantonio et al. (2005) Role of Nbs1 in the activation of the Atm kinase revealed in humanized mouse models. Nat Cell Biol 7(7):675-85.

DiPaola et al. (2005) Molecular signaling in intervertebral disk development. J Orthop Res 23(5):1112-9.

Gotoh et al. (2005) The docking protein FRS2alpha is an essential component of multiple fibroblast growth factor responses during early mouse development. Mol Cell Biol 25(10):4105-16.

Grisendi et al. (2005) Role of nucleophosmin in embryonic development and tumorigenesis. Nature 437(7055):147-53.

Horiuchi et al. (2005) Evaluation of the contributions of ADAMs 9, 12, 15, 17, and 19 to heart development and ectodomain shedding of neuregulins beta1 and beta2. Dev Biol 283(2):459-71.

Kang et al. (2005) Breast cancer bone metastasis mediated by the Smad tumor suppressor pathway. PNAS 102(39):13909-14.

Kelly et al. (2005) Metalloprotease-disintegrin ADAM8: expression analysis and targeted deletion in mice. Dev Dyn 232(1):221-31.

Kissel et al. (2005) The Sept4 septin locus is required for sperm terminal differentiation in mice. Dev Cell 8(3):353-64.

Shaffer et al. (2005) Evidence for a p27 tumor suppressive function independent of its role regulating cell proliferation in the prostate. PNAS 102(1):210-5.

Timmer et al. (2005) Tissue morphogenesis and vascular stability require the Frem2 protein, product of the mouse myelencephalic blebs gene. PNAS 102(33):11746-50.

Selected published manuscripts in which MCCF was acknowledged

Ciznadija D, Liu Y, Pyonteck SM, Holland EC, Koff A.  (2011) CyclinD1 and cdk4 mediate development of neurologically destructive oligodendroglioma.  Cancer Research.

Ciznadija D, Zhu X, Koff A (2011) Hdm2- and proteasome-dependent turnover limits p21 accumulation during S-phase. Cell Cycle 10(16):

Corse E, Gottschalk RA, Krogsgaard M, Allison JP (2010) Attenuated T Cell Responses to a High-Potency Ligand In Vivo. PLoS Biology 8(9): e1000481.

Durgan J, Kaji N, Jin D, Hall A (2010) Par6B and atypical PKC regulate mitotic spindle orientation during epithelial morphogenesis. J Bio Chem 286(14):12461-74.

Elie B, Gocheva V, Shree T, Dalrymple SA, Holsinger LJ, Joyce JA (2010) Identification and preclinical testing of a reversible cathepsin protease inhibitor reveals anti-tumor effects in a pancreatic cancer model. Biochimie 92: 1618-1624.

Gocheva V, Chen X, Peters C, Reinheckel T and Joyce JA (2010) Deletion of cathepsin H reduces angiogenic switching, tumor vascularization and growth in a mouse model of pancreatic cancer. Biological Chemistry 391: 937-945.

Gocheva V, Wang HW, Gadea BB, Shree T, Hunter KE, Garfall A, Berman T, Joyce JA (2010) IL-4 induces cathepsin protease activity in tumor-associated macrophages to promote cancer growth and invasion. Genes and Development 24: 241-255.

Kauppi L, Barchi M, Baudat F, Romanienko P, Keeney S, Jasin M (2011) Distinct properties of the XY pseud autosomal region crucial for male meiosis. Science 331:916-20.

Migeotte I, Grego-Bessa J, Anderson KV (2011) Rac1 mediates morphogenetic responses to intercellular signals in the gastrulating mouse embryo. Development 138(14):3011-20.

Rodrik-Outmezguine V, Sarat Chandarlapaty S, Pagano N, Poulikakos P, Scaltriti M, Moskatel E, Baselga J, Guichard S, Rosen N (2011) mTOR kinase inhibition causes feedback-dependent biphasic regulation of AKT signaling. Cancer Discovery.

Roig I, Dowdle JA, Toth A, de Rooij D, Jasin M, Keeney S (2010) Mouse TRIP13/PCH2 is required for recombination and normal higher-order chromosome structure during meiosis. PLoS Genetics.

Vinagolu R, Studer L, Gerald W, Socci N, Scher H (2011) Tumor-initiating stem-like cells in human prostate cancer exhibit increased NF-kB signaling. Nature Communications 2:162.