Eric G. Pamer

The MHC class I tetramer facility makes tetramers with the following human and mouse class I alleles: HLA-A2, A3, A11, A24, B7, B8,B27, B35 and H2-Kd, Kb, Db, Ld, M3. We have purified stocks of each of these alleles and also human and murine beta2-microglobulin. We are able to produce two MHC class I tetramers per week. Making a tetramer takes 7 days (if purified heavy chain is available). It is our goal to produce tetramers within 2 - 3 weeks after a request is placed. In general, we will try to make tetramers in the order that they are requested. However, the tetramer facility director or manager may, on occasion, have to change the order due to special circumstances.

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