Structural Biology

Yehuda Goldgur (Core Head)



The x-ray crystallography facility supports both the crystallography laboratories and other laboratories that can use x-ray crystallography as a secondary tool to address questions in their research programs. The facility provides and maintains in-house equipment for data collection, processing and structure determination; implements a wide range of crystallographic and structure analysis software packages; has regular access to state-of-the-art synchrotron beamlines; and provides training and technical assistance to users of both the in-house and remote facilities. The core operates a Titan Krios G2 cryo-electron microscope equipped with a Gatan K2 direct camera. The core also has an FEI Vitrorobot cryoEM sample preparation station that automates the vitrification process to provide fast and reproducible sample preparation. The facility also provides structural biology and modeling expertise and guidance to non-crystallography Memorial Sloan Kettering laboratories that benefit from the use of available structures in the design and interpretation of experiments. There is a centralized resource for crystallization protocols and reagents, including trays and the commercial Hampton and Wizard crystallization screens.

The facility has an oversight committee, which insures its proper function within the Institution. Nikola Pavletich serves as the Chairman of this oversight committee.