The Emily Foley Lab: Publications

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Lee, S. J., Rodriguez-Bravo, V., Kim, H., Datta, S. and Foley, E. A. (2017). The PP2A B56 phosphatase promotes the association of Cdc20 with APC/C in mitosis. J. Cell Sci. 130, 1760–1771.

Maciejowski, J., Drechsler, H., Grundner-Culemann, K., Ballister, E. R., Rodriguez-Rodriguez, J.-A., Rodriguez-Bravo, V., Jones, M. J. K., Foley, E., Lampson, M. A., Daub, H., et al. (2017). Mps1 Regulates Kinetochore-Microtubule Attachment Stability via the Ska Complex to Ensure Error-Free Chromosome Segregation. Dev. Cell 41, 143–156.e6.

Olson, O. C., Kim, H., Quail, D. F., Foley, E. A. and Joyce, J. A. (2017). Tumor-Associated Macrophages Suppress the Cytotoxic Activity of Antimitotic Agents. Cell Rep. 19, 101–113.