The Heeseon An Lab

Career Opportunities


Heeseon An’s Laboratory is looking for exceptional post-doctoral candidates interested in tackling cell biological questions using a combination of chemical and biological approaches. Our laboratory is broadly interested in the fundamental mechanisms of protein homeostasis. Initial focuses will be on ribosome homeostasis, protein degradation, and chemical biology tool development. The lab takes a comprehensive approach to study organellar homeostasis combining biochemical, quantitative proteomics, gene editing, cell biological, and organic chemistry techniques.

Available Positions

Post-doctoral fellow position with PhD in Organic chemistry or Chemical Biology

A candidate in this position will work on (1) developing new chemical tools through synthetic organic chemistry and synthetic biology approaches, (2) applying the tools to advance proteomics techniques, and (3) addressing cell biological questions with the novel tools. Previous training in proteomics or cell biology IS NOT required, but the motivation to learn new areas of science IS required.  (Keywords: Chemical Biology Tool Development, Genetically Encoded Protein Tags, PROTAC)

Post-doctoral fellow position with PhD in one of the following major: Biochemistry, Cell biology, or Proteomics

A candidate in this position will solve biological questions related to how sub-cellular organelles maintain their sub-proteome homeostasis. The An lab employs unbiased and quantitative biology techniques—such as quantitative proteomics, flow-cytometry, and unbiased-imaging analysis—to investigate the fundamentals of organellar homeostasis. (Keywords: Protein Homeostasis, the Ubiquitin Proteasome System, Autophagy)

About the PI

Heeseon is the newest member of the Chemical Biology Program at Sloan Kettering Institute. She is an experimental scientist with multidisciplinary research training in the area of protein homeostasis. As an undergraduate researcher and master’s degree student, Heeseon focused on learning synthetic organic chemistry and the fundamentals of chemical biology in the lab of Professor Seung Bum Park at Seoul National University. During her PhD training in Professor Alexander Statsyuk’s lab at Northwestern University, Heeseon developed various chemical tools––activity-based probes, small molecule inhibitors and protein probes––to study the ubiquitin-proteasome system. Subsequently, Heeseon joined Professor Wade Harper’s group at Harvard Medical School to gain training in quantitative cell biology and a comprehensive view of protein homeostasis. In her independent research program at Sloan Kettering Institute, Heeseon will embrace her multidisciplinary research background to advance our understanding of protein homeostasis.