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Narayan, S., Bryant., G.O., Shah, S., Berrozpe, G., Ptashne, M. (2017) OCT4 and SOX2 Work as Transcriptional Activators in Reprogramming Human Fibroblasts. Cell Reports. 20 (7):1585-1596. PubMed

Berrozpe, G., Bryant, G.O., Warpinski, K., Spagna, D., Narayan, S., Shah, S., Ptashne, M. (2017) Polycomb Responds to Low Levels of Transcription. Cell Reports. 20(4):785-793.

Wang, X., Ptashne, M. (2015) Nucleosome avidities and transcriptional silencing in yeast. Current Biology 25 , 1215-1220.

Ptashne, M. (2014) Reflections: The Chemistry of Gene Regulation. Journal of Biological Chemistry 289, 5417-5435.

Berrozpe, G., Bryant, G.O., Warpinski, K.A., Ptashne, M. (2013) Regulation of a Mammalian Gene Bearing a CpG Island Promoter and a Distal Enhancer” Cell Reports 4, 445-453.

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