Anthony Gaba, PhD

Senior Research Scientist

Anthony Gaba, PhD

Lab Phone


Education and Training


Research Associate, SKI Molecular Biology Program, Qu Lab

Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Pharmacology
University of California, San Diego

PhD, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, Oregon

MS, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology

BS, Biochemistry and Cell Biology
University of California, San Diego


Gaba, A., Grivennikov, S. I., Do, M. V., Stumpo, D. J., Blackshear, P. J., and Karin, M. (2012). Cutting edge: IL-10 mediated tristetraprolin induction is part of a feedback loop that controls macrophage STAT3 activation and cytokine production. J. Immunol. 189, 2089-2093.

Gaba, A., Jacobson, A., and Sachs, M. S. (2005).  Ribosome occupancy of the yeast CPA1 upstream open reading frame termination codon modulates nonsense-mediated mRNA decay.  Mol. Cell 20, 449-460.

Sachs, M. S., Wang, Z., Gaba, A., Fang, P., Belk, J., Ganesan, R., Amrani, N., and Jacobson, A. (2002).  Toeprint analysis of the positioning of translational apparatus components at initiation and termination codons of fungal mRNAs.  Methods 26, 105-114.

Gaba, A., Wang, Z., Krishnamoorthy, T., Hinnebusch, A. G., and Sachs, M. S. (2001).  Physical evidence for distinct mechanisms of translational control by upstream open reading frames.  EMBO J. 18, 6134-6145.

Wang, Z., Gaba, A., and Sachs, M. S. (1999) Arginine-specific ribosome stalling mediated by the Saccharomyces cerevisiae CPA1 and Neurospora crassa arg-2 arginine attenuator peptides appears independent of the charging status of arginyl-tRNAs.  J. Biol. Chem. 274, 37565-37574.