Mohammed Suhail Chaudhry

Mohammed Suhail Chaudhry

Mohammed Suhail Chaudhry

Research Fellow


University of Cambridge, UK

Suhail studied Medicine at the University of Cambridge, obtaining a First Class B.A. degree in Pharmacology in 2000 and earning his medical degree in 2003. After training in Internal Medicine, Suhail undertook specialist Haematology training in London in 2008. He combined this training with a PhD program at Imperial College London, funded by the Wellcome Trust, investigating the role of CD1d and NKT cells in tumour immunology. Suhail’s clinical interest focuses on Haematopoietic Stem cell Transplantation, and he is dedicated to discovering novel strategies to improve outcomes in transplant recipients. His current work in the van den Brink laboratory focuses on enhancing post-transplant immune reconstitution, particularly by enhancing regeneration of the thymus gland.

Fellowships and awards

  • Lady Tata Memorial Trust International Award for Research in Leukaemia (2015)
  • Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Training Fellowship (2011)
  • NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowship (2008)
  • Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge, AJ Watson Prize (2000)


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