Olivier DeHenau, MD, PhD

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Olivier DeHenau, MD, PhD

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I will be working on understanding the immune modulating effects of small molecule pathway inhibitors on T cells and myeloid cells. Specifically, I will focus on the role of BRAF inhibitors, PI3 kinase inhibitors and P53 inducers.  I will also determine the optimal conditions under which to combine small molecule inhibitors with immunologic checkpoint blockade.  I will devise strategies for rational optimization of these combinations and we will use his findings to inform the design of clinical trials. I will also develop biomarkers based on his work in pre-clinical models and he will integrate them into future clinical trials combining checkpoint blockade with small molecule inhibitors.  I will also be exposed to clinical work that is done based on laboratory studies.  I will be participating in the weekly Melanoma Disease Management Team meeting and the Immunotherapeutics Core meetings.  During his fellowship in our laboratory,I will further his training in tumor immunology and become a translational investigator in academic medical oncology.