Sarah Lindner, MD

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Sarah Lindner, MD

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I am a physician-scientist who specializes in allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation (allo-HCT) and cellular therapy as a therapy for hematologic malignancies such as leukemia. Previous research by our lab has demonstrated that the intestinal microbiota predicts clinical outcome after allo-HCT. I am studying the mechanisms underlying host-microbiota crosstalk with a particular focus on T cells and microbial-derived metabolites such as secondary bile acids by using preclinical models and patient samples. The overall goal of my research is to understand how the gut microbiome modulates the outcome of allo-HCT and to improve efficacy and safety of this therapy.


  • DKMS John Hansen Research Grant (2022)
  • ASH Abstract Achievement Award (2021)
  • ASH Poster Presentation, “Highly Selective Irreversible ITK Inhibitor CPI-818 Reduces Acute Graft-Versus Host Disease” (2021)
  • German Research Foundation (DFG) Research Fellowship (2019-Present)


  • MD, University of Frankfurt
  • Residency Internal Medicine, Frankfurt University Hospital

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