Postdoctoral position: Modeling metastasis in the zebrafish

Postdoctoral position: Modeling metastasis in the zebrafish


The Richard White Lab at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is seeking a postdoctoral fellow to work on new zebrafish models of metastasis. The zebrafish has emerged as a powerful model for metastatic biology given the optical transparency of the casper strain, which allows for single-cell imaging of the entire cascade. We have recently developed a new high-throughput electroporation based transgenic method called TEAZ (Transgene Electroporation in Adult Zebrafish). This method allows for rapid transgenic manipulation and in vivo imaging of both tumor cells and the surrounding microenvironment at unprecedented scale. It is highly amenable to CRISPR based multiplexing in vivo, which is difficult to achieve in other model systems. Using a zebrafish model of melanoma, we now wish to build on these technologies to interrogate cross-talk between melanoma cells and surrounding microenvironmental cells such as adipocytes and keratinocytes.

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How the Richard White Lab Studies Zebrafish to Understand Cancer

Cancer biologist and oncologist Richard White studies zebrafish to understand how tumors start and why they eventually metastasize to new locations.
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Job Title

Postdoctoral Fellow

Application Requirements

The ideal candidate should have:

  • Experience in cancer, genetics, developmental biology or cell-cell communication.

Please send CV, cover letter and names/contact information of three references to:
Richard White, M.D., Ph.D.
Cancer Biology & Genetics and Department of Medicine
[email protected]

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