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Baron M, Kim IS, Moncada R, Yan Y, Campbell NR, White RM, Yanai I. Cancer archetypes co-opt and adapt the transcriptional programs of existing cellular states. In review.

Temprine K, Langdon EM, Mehta K, Clapp A, White RM. Regulation of the error-prone DNA polymerase polκ by oncogenic signaling and its contribution to drug resistance. In review.

Liu PH, Shah RB, Li Y, Arora A, Ung PM, Raman R, Gorbatenko A, Kozono S, Zhou XZ, Brechin V, Barbaro JM, Thompson R, White RM, Aguirre-Ghiso JA, Heymach JV, Lu KP, Silva JM, Panageas KS, Schlessinger A, Maki RG, Skinner HD, de Stanchina E, Sidi S. An IRAK1-PIN1 signalling axis drives intrinsic tumour resistance to radiation therapy. Nature Cell Biology 2019 Feb;21(2):203-213.

Zhang M, Martino JSD, Bowman RL, Campbell NR, Baksh SC, Simon-Vermot T, Kim IS, Haldeman P, Mondal C, Yong-Gonzales V, Abu-Akeel M, Merghoub T, Jones DR, Zhu XG, Arora A, Ariyan CE, Birsoy K, Wolchok JD, Panageas KS, Hollmann T, Bravo-Cordero JJ, White RM. Adipocyte-Derived Lipids Mediate Melanoma Progression via FATP Proteins. Cancer Discovery 2018 Aug;8(8):1006-1025.

Zhang YM, Zimmer MA, Guardia T, Callahan SJ, Mondal C, Di Martino J, Takagi T, Fennell M, Garippa R, Campbell NR, Bravo-Cordero JJ, White RM. Distant Insulin Signaling Regulates Vertebrate Pigmentation through the Sheddase Bace2. Developmental Cell. 2018 Jun 4;45(5):580-594.

Callahan SJ, Tepan S, Zhang YM, Linday H, Burger A, Campbell NR, Kim IS, Hollmann TJ, Studer L, Mosimann C, White RM. Cancer modeling by Transgene Electroporation in Adult Zebrafish (TEAZ). Disease Models and Mechanisms, 2018 Sep 27;11(9).

Pavlova NN, Hui S, Ghergurovich JM, Fan J, Intlekofer AM, White RM, Rabinowitz JD, Thompson CB, Zhang J. As Extracellular Glutamine Levels Decline, Asparagine Becomes an Essential Amino Acid. Cell Metabolism 2018 Jan 10. pii: S1550-4131(17)30716-7.

D’Agati G, Beltre R, Sessa AK, Burger A, Zhou Y, Mosimann C, White RM. A defect in the mitochondrial protein mpv17 underlies the transparent casper zebrafish. Developmental Biology, 2017 Jul 28. (17)30373-1.

Kim IS, Heilmann S, Kansler ER, Zhang Y, Zimmer M, Ratnakumar K, Bowman RL, Simon-Vermot T, Fennell M, Garippa R, Lu L, Lee W, Hollmann, Xavier JB, White RM. Microenvironment-derived factors driving metastatic plasticity in melanoma. Nature Communications, 2017 Feb 9;8:14343.

Tan JL, Fogley RD, Ablain J, Flynn RA, Yang S, Santi-Andre V, Fan ZP, Do BT, Santoriello C, Laga A, Fujinaga K, Gree CB, Kim YJ, Bothmer A, Brogie JE, van Rooijen E, Hagedorn EJ, White RM, Price DH, Pandolfi PP, Peterlin BM, Zhou Y, Kim TH, Asra JM, Chang HY, Young RA, Zon LI. Nucleotide stress induction of HEXIM1 suppresses melanoma by modulating cancer cell-specific gene transcription. Molecular Cell, 2016 Apr 7;62(1):34-46.

Kaufman CK, Mosimann C, Fan ZP, Yang S, Thomas A, Ablain J, Tan JL, Fogley RD, van Rooijen E, Hagedorn E, Ciarlo C, White RM, Matos D, Puller A-C, Santoriello C, Liao E, Young RA, and Zon LI. A zebrafish melanoma model reveals emergence of neural crest identity during melanoma initiation. Science, 2016 Jan 29;351(6272).

Heilmann S, Ratnakumar K, Langdon EM, Kansler Er, Kim IS, Campbell NR, Perry EB, McMahon AJ, Kaufman CK, van Rooijen E, Lee W, Iacobuzio-Donahue CA, Hynes RO, Zon LI, Xavier JB, White RM. A quantitative system for studying metastasis using transparent zebrafish. Cancer Research. 2015 Aug 17.

White RM, Cech J, Ratanasirintrawoot S, Lin CY, Rahl PB, Burke CJ, Langdon E, Tomlinson ML, Mosher J, Kaufman C, Chen F, Long HK, Kramer M, Datta S, Neuberg D, Granter S, Young RA, Morrison S, Wheeler GN, Zon LI. DHODH modulates transcriptional elongation in the neural crest and melanoma. Nature, 2011 Mar 24; 471(7339):518-22.

Feng H, Stachura DL, White RM, Gutierrez A, Zhang L, Sanda T, Jette CA, Testa JR, Neuberg DS, Langenau DM, Kutok JL, Zon LI, Traver D, Fleming MD, Kanki JP, Look AT. T-lymphoblastic lymphoma cells express high levels of BCL2, S1P1, and ICAM1, leading to a blockade of tumor cell intravasation. Cancer Cell 2010 Oct 19;18(4):353-66.

White RM, Sessa A, Burke C, Bowman T, LeBlanc J, Ceol C, Bourque C, Dovey M, Goessling W, Burns CE, Zon LI. Transparent adult zebrafish as a tool for in vivo transplantation analysis. Cell Stem Cell. 2008 Feb 7;2(2): 183-9.