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Radiation Oncology Department Chair Simon Powell
At Work: Radiation Oncology Department Chair Simon Powell
Radiation oncologist Simon Powell eagerly tackles the challenge of translating discoveries from the laboratory to the clinic as effectively as possible.
Science Byte
Blue cells containing small red dots on a green and black background
Lifeguard on Duty: Looking at DNA Repair under a Microscope
Learn about what DNA repair looks like under a microscope.
Simon Powell
Meet Radiation Oncologist Simon Powell
Simon Powell leads the Department of Radiation Oncology and focuses in his research on the treatment of breast cancer, including the role of DNA repair deficiencies in breast cancer and breast cancer genetics.
In the Lab
Pictured: Charles L. Sawyers, William Polkinghorn & Simon Powell
Molecular Studies Explain Effectiveness of Longtime Treatment for Prostate Cancer
Laboratory studies have revealed an explanation for why androgen-deprivation therapy makes radiation therapy more effective in the treatment of high-risk prostate cancer.