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CT scan showing lymphoma in the abdomen between the liver and the gallbladder.
A Metabolic Enzyme Drives Lymphoma and Is a Potential Drug Target
New research from Sloan Kettering Institute investigators pinpoints altered cell metabolism as a cause of B cell lymphoma.
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Graphical representation of cells leaking into bloodstream
What Does Cancer Metastasis Have to Do with Wound Healing? More than You Might Think
Scientists are learning that — in a literal sense — metastasis is wound healing gone wrong.
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illustration of the p53 protein binding to a DNA helix
New Findings Clarify How the “Guardian of the Genome” Works
Surprise! It has to do with metabolism.
An illustration of sugar pouring onto NRF2
Sugar Directly Controls a Cancer-Causing Protein, Scientists Find
The discovery suggests a potential new treatment approach for certain cancers.
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An illustration of a samurai and a crab.
Ro Versus Musashi: How One Molecule Can Turn Cancer Cells Back to Normal
Researchers identify a compound that appears to eliminate tumor cells in a dish and in mice.
a cartoon of a cancer cell spooning glutamine from a jar
Beyond Sugar: What Cancer Cells Need to Grow
While sugar gets most of the attention as a cancer fuel, other nutrients can be equally important.
In the Lab
Enhanced MRI of a glioblastoma
Starving Cancer Stem Cells Could Be the Trick to Treating Glioblastoma, Study Finds
MSK researchers have identified a compound that kills glioblastoma cells using a mechanism that’s completely different from earlier treatments.
Alex Kentsis in his lab
Research Uncovers the Genetic Causes of Aggressive Leukemia in Children
Researchers have found that the genetic changes that cause pediatric leukemia are different from those that lead to leukemia in adults.
In the Clinic
Image of a mobile phone with a strand of DNA
There’s an App for That: When the Meaning of a BRCA Mutation Isn’t Clear-Cut
A new project called the BRCA Exchange is sharing data about BRCA mutations and what they actually mean for cancer risk.
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electron micrograph of a natural killer cell
Drugs That Stall — But Don’t Kill — Cancer Cells Are an Untapped Resource, Study Suggests
A drug combination that halts tumor cell division can stir the immune system into taking action.